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71+ Online Courses and Trainings for Newbies to 6-Figure Entrepreneurs

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What if you could leave your 9-5 job and become a full-time online coach, teaching others the love and passion of something you hold dear to your own heart? What if you could create and sell online courses? Build a community of followers loyal to you and driven with the same passion as you. All while having more freedom in your life to do the things you want, build a 6-Figure income and traveling to the places you have only been able to dream of visiting?

Do you put hours into your business, show up daily on social media like everyone tells you to and still no one even knows who you are, or what you do? Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels and going nowhere?

Savvy Action Taker Entrepreneurs is a community of online coaches, just like you. They too have built their business from the ground up! The only difference? With my courses and 1:1 coaching, they have built their way up to a 6-Figure income!

I have sold 300+ courses, and have worked one on one with entrepreneurs. I have discovered a unique path and found what holds a person back from finally achieving the income they have fought so hard to achieve!

How our Savvy Action Taker Entrepreneur (SATE) Academy Can Transform Your Business:

Imagine spending your day working one on one with only with high-end clients that truly valued your work.  Just think of how you would feel waking up in the morning to realize you had earned more in your sleep then you had in months in the past! Visualize a life free of the daily stress over money, knowing that you don’t have to worry about being able to take care of those you love. Having time to build authentic and lasting relationships built on trust and respect, without fear of the future and the unknown.  Knowing you have not only the means but the ability to follow your dreams and allow those you care for to do the same! How would that change your life? How would it change not only the way you see yourself but also the way others see you.

Now, what would you be willing to do right now, to guarantee that life in the future?

Our membership club was created for that exact reason! Let us help you start, and grow your coaching business from scratch to a 6-Figure income!

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What You Get Inside Of Your SATE Academy:

71+ educational trainings and courses. Downloadable and printable workbooks, worksheets, cheatsheets, and PDFs.

Having a positive mindset is the key to your success. It doesn’t matter how hard you work or how much effort you put into it if you don’t believe in yourself no one else will either! It starts with you! Our Mindset Module will teach you how to change your mindset. You will be able to train your mind not only know “believe” it is possible but to KNOW it will happen! You will walk away from this module empowered with the confidence you need to reach the 6-Figure income you are working towards. Change your mindset and you build your confidence and you will be unstoppable!

There is a difference in just creating content and creating content that will convert!  In this Module, you will learn to create and repurpose your content in a strategical way that will speak to your audience, build your authority, create trust, grow your list and make more sales.  All without having to spend hours staring at a blank screen, unsure what to write. Gone are the days of fearing you sound to salesy or pushy.  Welcome to a world of content creation that will sell your services. Content that not only sounds good but will feel good.

Have you heard the importance of building a list?  Heard the phrase “Money is in your list” but not sure where to start or how grow your list? Get ready to change all that!  In this Module I will share with you, the simplest, most effective and most cost-effective way to build a high-quality list, full of people with confidence and you and your abilities who will buy from you over and over because they believe in you and what you will provide them!  Get ready for a step by step guide that will leave you wondering why you were ever unsure how to build your list!

 Are you ready to take your coaching to the next level with Facebook ads, but have no idea how to do that on your own?  In this Module, we will destroy any doubts you have, and replace it with confidence in your ability to not only create your own Facebook Ads but learn to target the right audience and generate new leads. Gone are the days of hiring so called  experts! You will BE the expert!

It is a much valued but not commonly shared treasure of knowledge!  There are not many online gurus willing to teach you about email funnels.  In this Module I will not only share with you what emails to send when people sign up to be on your list, how often you should send emails so you don’t overwhelm your readers but let them know you are there, giving constant value they cannot find anywhere else, and what emails to send them when they are ready to buy what you have!  teach you about email funnels. What emails to send when people land on your list, how often to send emails to your list, how not to overwhelm them and what emails to send them when you ask for sales; but much more! You will walk away ready to take on email funnels with confidence!

 Have you created a FB group and now find yourself struggling to grow?  Or maybe it is growing but you are not getting the authentic engagement you were hoping for. You share awesome value, tips and answer any and all questions your followers may have but cannot seem to get them to take the next step in purchases your course or services?  In “Rock Your FB Group” Module I will share everything you need to know to take it to the next level!  You will learn what it takes to create and run a profitable FB Group so that you can generate more sales and build a following of loyal members, willing to buy everything you offer because you have shown the value you provide!


Are you looking for ways to start earning a passive income?  Do you want to free your time up to do more of the things you want but can’t afford to lose money to do it?  Creating a course is the perfect way to get both worlds! In this module, You will learn how to create an online course or signature program in just 7 days!  Join me, as I share ideas, tools, content, and strategies so you can turn your ideas into a profitable online course and know how to launch it like a pro!

***How do you think your business would do if you could add all of this knowledge we have discussed above, plus much more?  This is what is waiting for you inside my SATE Academy!


When I moved to the US, there was no one to help me with money or learning the language. I worked day and night and saved every penny I could for 5 years before I was finally able to invest in my first coach. It was through my own trial and error that I was able to learn what strategies worked and which ones to avoid. It is my goal that through the Membership Club, I will be able to teach hundreds of online coaches to get results in their businesses that they want, without having to struggle the way I did.

For this reason, I know, that my SATE Academy could be a game changer for you! To rapidly grow your list, followers, and gain clients the clients you need. I am sharing my personal step-by-step strategies and tricks I used to make my sales, grow my list from scratch and get paying clients. You will get instant access to the secrets most entrepreneurs are unwilling to share, the daily steps they took to get their business from the first day they started to the success they are enjoying now!

Say YES to your future!

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It’s your time to build your first business to success by taking advantage of our Academy for Savvy Action Taker Entrepreneurs and online coaches just like you! The students of the SATE Academy tell me that they were able to put together systems that help them to set funnels to generate first sales and grow their lists without years of experience on social media. That could be you, too! What is holding you back from having the same results?


Every Month I Will Be Adding:

Downloadable and printable workbooks, worksheets and PDFs.

Instant Access To Everything: New courses, programs, webinars, challenges, training.

Guest Expert Calls: Every month we will have a Guest Expert to help you find answers to the questions that keep you up at night.


By joining the SATE Academy you are getting access to the training, guest speakers, recording of my webinars, challenges, and expert advice that most online coaches will never have access to! You are getting access to the knowledge and the power you need to create your own streams of both passive and active income, that will uplevel your coaching business in a short period of the time!

Monthly Payment Plan
Regular Price $97/mo
Access To All In-Depth Courses & Trainings in the Academy
Live & Replays of Workshops, Masterclasses, and Guest Speaker Trainings
Access to All Replays (Workshops, Masterclasses, and Guest Speaker Trainings) & Archives
Monthly Hot Seat & Coaching Q&A LIVE Calls
Access to VIP private FB group where ALL your questions are answered
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Regular Price $1160/yr
One Month FREE
Access To All In-Depth Courses & Trainings
Monthly updates & New workshops
Monthly Hot Seat Coaching Calls, Q&A
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VIP Access
1:1 VIP Clients
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Biweekly 1:1 (60 min) Intensive Coaching Support From me
Access To All In-Depth Courses & Trainings in the Academy
Live Workshops, Masterclasses, and Guest Speaker Trainings
Access to All Replays (Workshops, Masterclasses, and Guest Speaker Trainings) & Archives
Access to VIP private FB group where ALL your questions are answered
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Get Everything You Need To Turn Your Expensive Hobby Into Your Dream as You Learn How To Become A Full-Time Entrepreneur With 6-Figure Income. The SATE Academy gives you access to my behind the scene fail-proof 6K system. Join today & let me show you exactly what you need to do in order to leave your 9-5 and build a successful 6-Figure business.  You will get:

1. Hours of educational videos on how to get clarity on your “next” move to get your first paying client.  And to stand out as an expert in your crowded niche and make $1K, $5K, $6K or more each month.
2. Get ongoing support, accountability, and feedback from me and others Savvy Action Taker Entrepreneurs.
3. Steal my proven scripts and strategies for building your list, making first sales and getting known as a top online coach in your niche.

…The SATE Academy is for you if…

You are tired of trying to figure out everything on your own
You are ready for more dramatic changes in your business 
You are ready to create an extra $1K, $5K, $6K and more
You want to connect with other like-minded online coaches and build strong relationship with them
You are ready to save time and get your hands on strategies that actually work
You want to have more freedom in your life and are ready to quit your 9-5
You are sick and tired of investing money in courses that don’t bring you results
You are determined and committed to your business and success


Still Not Sure If Our SATE Academy is For You?

Q: Can I get 1:1 support for my project?

Yes! You can get support and feedback from us. We have monthly Q&A live calls where you can ask your questions. Also, you can pre-submit your question so you will never be left behind.

Q: Why cannot I build my business on my own?

Of course, you can. It took me about 5 years to learn everything I share with you in our Academy, my failers, and my mistakes. For those 5 years, I invested more than $100,000.00 dollars in online courses, programs, group coaching and 1:1 service. And for the first 2 years in my business, I did not make money at all. If you are like me, determined and committed to success but you don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in your business, then our SATE Academy IS for you.
You can join the SATE Academy and get access to my proven formula and start attracting paying clients right now OR
You can do it DIY, spend hours of learning and months or even years of practicing and twisting things around and see what strategy is good for you. It depends, how fast you are willing to receive income you desire. Today OR months or years from now?!

Q: What is your refund policy and cancellation policy?

You can cancel your membership access any time but by canceling the membership you automatically (at that moment) lose access to all the training and education material inside of the SATE Academy. Unfortunately, we do not do refunds. Remember, once you cancel your Membership, you lose access IMMEDIATELY. You don’t have any obligations. If you decide to leave, it’s your decision but by cancelling the payments you automatically remove yourself from the system and as a result, lose access to all educational material in our Membership idea

Q: I am very busy and I don’t have time, will this work for me?

You need to spend 10-20 min a day to go over specific training and about 15 min a day to implement the new knowledge.

Q: Can you guarantee specific results with your SATE Academy?

As you know, I cannot guarantee your success or that you will make a certain amount of money with a specific time frame but let’s be honest, you will get what you put in. Unstoppable, fast action takers have 75% of chances to achieve great results than the majority of entrepreneurs and online coaches. Our Academy gives you a comprehensive, proven system to take your business from non-profitable to 6-Figure consistent income, but it cannot do the work for you!

Q: I purchased too many courses and programs before. How do I know this will work for me?

Our Academy includes all necessary courses and trainings so you don’t have to buy any additional programs.
Also, we have a very strong support system. Every month we have hot seats where you will be able to find questions on all your answers



If you are ready to take action and start building your online coaching business from scratch or uplevel it to a next level CLICK HERE and choose your payment option to enroll in SATE Academy. We are looking forward meeting you!

By enrolling in the Savvy Action Taker Entrepreneur Academy, you agree to my Terms & Conditions